• Earth-built structures are rare in northern Europe yet were once ubiquitous. This recreation at Newtonmore helps us understand past living conditions in pre-industrial Scotland.

  • Pot-sherd pavements at Birnin Lafiya arcaheological site, Benin.

  • Excavations at the Lakehead complex of sites, close to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  • Cuesta close to the site of the former mid-holocene settlement at Gobero, Niger.

Paul Adderley 

A personal website with photographs from recent project fieldwork    


Benin, West Africa

The placement and formation processes of a set of sites along the Niger-Benin border are being examined.

Central Sahara

National Geographic Expedition to Gobero, central Niger. Soils, sediments and landscape surveys of a major funerary complex.


Geoarchaeological investigations on the sediments found at Paleo-Indian sites, northern Ontario.

Earth-built Structures

Research on the materials and techniques used in the construction historical vernacular architectures.